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BOG Next Week

All third graders will be taking the beginning of grade (BOG) test in the next 2 weeks.  Every students who enters 3rd grade in North Carolina will be taking this… Read more »

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Meet the Teacher!

Video Links and Contact Information We are very excited to meet you! Below you will find the link to your homeroom teacher’s Meet the Teacher Video. Click on the name… Read more »

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NEW Virtual Learning Page

Hi students and parents! Hope you have a nice break. Moving forward we will post weekly assignments on this link, http://fes.jcpsnc.org/fvthirdgrade/virtual-learning/ This page includes a link to lessons created by… Read more »

August 24th-28th Schedule

A Day Students Monday: Face to Face Instruction Tuesday: Face to Face Instruction Wednesday: Remote learning – 30 minutes of i-Ready Math. Complete any Seesaw lessons for the day. Teachers… Read more »