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K-2: Our kindergarten through second grade classes are fun! We often use picture books to as a launching point for our projects, which is a nice way to tie literacy to art. These younger students get to use tempera paint and watercolor paints. They sharpen their motor skills by using scissors and clay. We learn about color, shapes, lines, and texture.

Grades 3-5: Our 3rd through 5th graders expand on their knowledge of the elements of art, and begin to focus on the elements of design. Our projects in these grades often last for several classes and have multiple steps. They use an array of materials and techniques, including: colored pencil, paint, clay, weaving, stitchery, origami, and collage. We also learn about specific artists, and make artwork in the style of those artists. We have studied such artists as Matisse, Warhol, Ringgold, Bearden, and Audubon. Literacy is linked to art in these grades by writing and illustrating their own books! We have very creative students!

6th Grade: Students in 6th grade have a focus on art history. We study Cave Art, Ancient Egyptian, Classical (Greek and Roman), Medieval and the Renaissance. This enhances what they are also learning in their Social Studies classes. There is still plenty of creating! We have creative art projects that go along with the study of each time period. Sixth graders sometimes work in partners or groups, which helps them develop their teamwork skills and leadership.

7th and 8th Grade enrichments: Students who take art in 7th and 8th grade come to art every day for an entire nine-week quarter. In these grades they will practice drawing objects that they observe during their daily warm-up sketches. They will also learn about artists and major art movements. We focus on post-Renaissance artists, because their sixth grade curriculum ends at the Renaissance. Along with drawing and painting, they also have the opportunity to make three dimensional art works using clay, papier maché, and wire sculpture.