How should I contact my child’s teacher?

Teachers are happy to talk to you as needed. If you just need to notify your child’s teacher of a schedule change, bus change, or something non-emergency, please just write a note in your child’s agenda. If you need to speak to the teacher quickly, call the school.  The teacher will get back to you as soon as possible, but please be aware that we can’t always return calls in the middle of the day. The school number is 828-586-2819.

What do I do with checked work papers?

Checked work will be sent home weekly, ask your student for graded papers.  

When is the shark trip?

April 6th-7th, 2020.   More information will be coming soon!


To determine student progress, elementary students are assessed and evaluated on a regular basis using a variety of measures. Progress is reported to parents and families on a regular basis. Report cards are sent home each nine weeks for students in grades 1-8. Mid-terms are sent home 4 ½ weeks into each quarter. Information about student progress is also shared through parent-teacher conferences and other parent-teacher communication. Grades 3-8 use the following scale for grading. Grades are reported in number format.



  • In an effort to support a healthy school environment, the school district and board recommend four designated celebrations per year approved in advance by the principal or designee.  Due  to these regulations, birthday parties for students will not be celebrated in classrooms.
  • In order to safeguard the health of Jackson County school-age children, and due to the dramatic increase in food allergies and foodborne illnesses, the Board prohibits home produced items from being used as part of school-based parties. For these pre-approved celebrations, parents and community members may provide food/beverage items that are commercially prepared or packaged, which includes purchasing foods/beverages through the school nutrition program. 
  • We do allow birthday party invitations to be handed out by your child at school. If your child is not inviting the entire class, we ask that they pass out invitations discreetly before the school day has started.


We believe homework is a basic part of the instructional program. Homework stimulates independent study habits, develops responsibility and self-direction, and reinforces what is learned at school.

  • Jackson County Schools supports the research-backed “10- minute rule” which states that all daily homework assignments combined should take about as long to complete as 10 minutes multiplied by the student’s grade level beginning in first grade. For example, a fourth grader should have no more than 40 minutes of homework since 4 x 10 = 40.