Fifth graders will have three End-of-Grade tests this year in math, ELA and science.   The EOGs will take place near the end of the school year, usually in late May.    Grades 3-8 will also have NC Check-In exams in the fall, winter and spring.  These tests resemble the EOGs in math and ELA and serve as good examples of what they need to know at different points throughout the school year.

We work hard to prepare your students all year long by teaching them what they need to know and giving them tools to use that will make them successful. 

There are many factors that contribute to the successes of your child, especially on testing days:

  • Getting enough sleep in the days leading up to testing
  • Eating a good balanced breakfast
  • Arriving at school on time
  • Not stressing about the test
  • Doing their best work and answering each question to the best of their ability

If you have questions about testing, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.  We would love to help!