Grade Level Resources

Edmodo:–  This is a FREE resource.  This website has a layout similar to Facebook.  The teachers will post links to resources and give general information and reminders to students.  The students can use is as a platform to discuss subject content areas.

Quizlet:– This is a FREE resource.  It will be used as a resource for students to review vocabulary in their content areas.

Quizizz:–  This is a FREE resource.  It provides a game type activity that allow students to review concepts that we learn in content areas.  The students will be provided with quiz codes that will allow them access to the quizzes.

Remind 101: -This is an app that we will use to send out reminders.  Once you join, text messages will come to your phone.

Math Resources

Prodigy – This is a FREE resource with a pay option.  The website is designed to grow with your child’s math progress.   The students have accounts that have been set up or updated through Mrs. Mayes.  

Khan Academy:– This is a FREE resource.  It offers resources to help students in subjects like math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more.

Multiplication Support:– This is a FREE resource with a pay option.  It offers games, quizzes, worksheets, videos and more.

ELA Resources

Typing Support: – This is a FREE resource.  It allows students to learn and practice typing skills.

Canvas: -click on NCEDCloud, then Canvas for ELA assignments.  Students know how to do this.

Science Resources

Discovery Education: – This is a FREE resource.  Although a membership is needed to access all of the content and information, there are many free resources available.

Human Body: