*Disclaimer- Some of the following FAQs will not pertain to blended learning and will only apply when we return to school face-to-face.

What are some helpful hints for my child to be successful in the 5th grade?

  • Attendance-  If your child isn’t here, we can’t teach them.  Saying that, we know that student’s will miss days of school.  If your child can’t be here, they are responsible for making up their missed work.
  • Asking for help-  Encourage your child to ask for help if they need it.  We will always help students when the ask for help.
  • Homework-  When homework is assigned, it is for enriching purposes.  Homework is assigned to solidify concepts taught in school.  If your child is struggling with homework, ask them to refer to their journal for that particular class.
  • Being Responsible-  Fifth grade is a transition year for children.  It is the last year of elementary school before they transition to middle school.  We expect each student to be responsible for their learning.  Our goal is to get them ready to be middle school students!

What is the behavior management system for 5th grade?

Classroom Behavior Management

Tally in the Folder:

If a student is being disrespectful, misbehaving or not following directions, we will ask them to put a tally  in our folders.

  • Anyone having their number in the folder more than once in a single class period will have to sit in Silent Lunch for the next lunch period.

School wide Behavior Management

Eagle Feathers:

As a school wide Positive Behavior Intervention System, the students can earn eagle feathers for going above and beyond with their behavior and classwork expectations.  The students can spend their feathers at our school store where they can buy coupons, school supplies, or other goodies.

Red Card

Think of red cards as being a tool to handle an offense that is above a classroom issue but not quite an office referral.

  • 1st red card– red card and warning
  • 2nd red card– red card, warning and lunch detention
  • 3rd red card– red card, warning, lunch detention and parent phone call.
  • 4th red card– red card, warning, and parent conference
  • 5th red card– Office Referral

What is the homework policy for 5th grade?

Incomplete Homework results in a silent lunch and a note in planner.  Excessive incomplete homework will result in an Office Referral.

How much homework will my child get each night?

Assigning homework  allows the students to have an enriching assignment to complete outside of school.   When homework is assigned, it is important that your child tries their best on the assignment.  Your child will have to read for 20 minutes each night for ELA.  Your child will most likely have math homework Monday through Thursday.  On occasion, your child may have science or social studies homework.  Homework should always be written in the planner.

What is the best way to communicate with my child’s teacher(s)?

Most often, we use the student planner as a way to communicate with caregivers.  If you have questions, concerns or would like for us to reach out to you, please write a note in the planner and we can contact you.   You may also feel free to email us at any time.