Need to stay home? Let’s talk about what to do.

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While we all hate to miss school, especially for an extended time, sometimes it is necessary.  Because of missed lessons or notes, it is easier for students to make up their work when they return to school.  Below you will find specific directions for each class:


Students should read 20 minutes each day.  They can write a short reflective journal response after each reading – this can be on notebook paper or they can type it in a Word document.  This should not be a book report, but more of a “what the book reminded me of” or “how I connect with this book” kind of response.  If students have internet access and a device, they can check Google Classroom each day. I will help them catch up on anything they are unable to do from home or that isn’t posted in Google Classroom when they return.

Bryson – SS

Please check Google Classroom. If nothing is posted, just practice our Quizlet sets. If you have no internet access, we will help your child get caught up when he/she returns to school.

Rearigh – Science

Please check in Google Classroom for work if you have the capability.  If you cannot check in Google Classroom, we will catch you up when you return. 

Barlowe – Math

  • Please check Google Classroom for any activities if you have access, and have your child practice their multiplication facts. is a great practice site.  We will catch up the rest when they return to school.

We can’t wait until we see you again!!